Modern Times

“Modern Times” (By Bobby Sands)

It is said we live in modern times

In the civilized year of seventy-nine

But when I look around, all I see

Is modern torture, pain and hypocrisy.

In modern times little children die

They starve to death, but who dares ask why?

And little girls without attire

Run screaming, napalmed through the night air.

And while fat dictators sit upon their thrones

Young children bury their parents’ bones

And secret police in the dead of night

Electrocute the naked woman out of sight.

In the gutter lies black man, dead

And where the oil flows blackest, the street runs red.

And there was he who was born and came to be

But lived and died without liberty.

As the bureaucrats, speculators and presidents alike

Pin on their dirty, stinking, happy smiles tonight

The lonely prisoner will cry out from within his tomb

And tomorrow’s wretch will leave its mother’s womb.


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