McCartney at ‘Hunger’ premiere

Derry Journal
17 October 2008

Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney attended the premiere of the new film ‘Hunger’ based on the 1981 Hunger Strike in Belfast last night.

Speaking before watching the film, Mr McCartney, who advised director Steve McQueen, said; “I look forward to viewing ‘Hunger’ and I have no doubt that having previously spoken to Steve McQueen while he was making the film that his portrayal of the H Blocks and the Hunger Strike will be both powerful and contribute immensely to the unfolding legacy of that time. Discussing the criticism of the film from unionist politicians, the former hunger striker said; “There have been attempts by some to confuse what this film is about. For me it relates the story of what took place in the H-Blocks in 1981. People should watch the film and form their own views of its content and the portrayal of the Hunger Strike.”


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